Saturday, September 02, 2006

Robbed of my State Fair Treat

On a visit to the Oregon State Fair, I decided to try something that both intrigued and repelled me. The concession booths had all manner of junk food, but I saw something some think mythical, the fried candy bar. So I ordered one. My luck what it is, I found that the high schoolers running the booth had given me a fried Twinkee instead. Damn kids.

The Twinkee (or bar) is skewered on a stake, dipped in the cake batter and then fried. Now, it's not like I was expecting transcendence, but I was hoping my one million calorie treat would be far more interesting. The twinkee "material" melted into the dough and the white creamy stuff stayed around the stick. It could be I was totally gyped as this article says the candy bar version is better than love. Maybe. Also if I had accepted the proffered chocolate and powered sugar to grace the top, I would have had more flavor action. I can also go to the UK where they are deep frying Cadbury Cream Eggs.

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