Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Free Book from Poisoned Pen

If that title doesn't get your attention, you are at the wrong blog. Go back to watching lonelygirl15 or whatever it is you usually do online (and we don't want to know about it).

Poisoned Pen Press is a small publisher/distributor dedicated to mysteries. They published a number of mysteries sold by the late, lamented A Common Reader and appear (based on their correspondence with me) to have purchased ACR's mailing list. I've seen their catalog and it has some interesting stuff. Poisoned Pen is offering a free book (unidentified but presumably a mystery) to patrons who sign up to receive their mailings by September 15. Visit them here, click on "newsletter", fill in the form and put code #181165 in the coupon box to sign up and qualify.

That should get me out of a few minutes in Purgatory. Now for a comment on the current administration ... oh, never mind.


Tripp said...

Oh joyous day, a free book. There will be much rejoicing as I can hardly justify any new books.

Tripp said...

As for your pugatory/Bush admin allusion, I keep thinking of a scene from Heroes in Hell, where a former dictator (name removed to avoid Godwin's Law violation) spends eternity trying to paper walls built over the corpses of his soldiers and the rest of the war's victims.

That is a little brutal and a lot over the top, but I just finished Fiasco, so I am feeling bitter.