Wednesday, October 12, 2005

You got to admit that sweet, sweet jelly's so good

In rebuilding my link list here in PDX, I found a number of Portland food blogs. Check these out:

Extra MSG: This one does extensive food reviews including comparisons of high end burgers and caesar salads.

The Pacific Northwest Cheese Project: Can you guess what this one is about?

Exploration of Portland Food and Drink: Check the archived reviews, to which you may respond with praise or with vitriol.

While I am lauding the many wonders of Portland, I thought I would mention the library, which is indeed fantastic. To better understand today's politics, I picked up the Right Nation and The Strange Death of American Liberalism. I picked up a French thriller called the Empire of Wolves, and a few other volumes as well.

I also of course immediately filled up my hold queue, as all the best books and movies have long lines of eager library users awaiting them. You can't just take the list for granted since you only get 15 holds. No, you have to use strategery. If you only add high demand items, it might take weeks before you get anything! If you just go for the quick and easy low demand stuff, what is the point of using the holds list? Managing your queue is way more interesting than managing stocks on Ameritrade. Then again I just saw a commerical that claimed you could get more play if you manage stocks online. Sadly, your play volume is unlikely to increase if you have a really good holds list.

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