Sunday, October 30, 2005

Let's not kid ourselves, it gets really, really bad

I'm late as always with the trends, having just read Fast Food Nation. Fortunately, one of the people at Ristretto Roasters hadn't either so I feel slightly less bad. This is the most shocking book I have read in years. Yes, we all know that fast food is a culinary evil. I was less aware that it is also a social and moral evil as well. The abuse of the workers, the corruption of the economy, the destruction of interesting local character, the spread of disease and the creation of a permanent underclass can be all be laid at fast food's door. And don't go all free market on me. Giant corporations colluding with each other, the lobbyists and their government pals is not free market capitalism, it's crony capitalism and is part of what fucked up Latin America among other places. People have been telling me for years to read this one and I have balked, thinking I don't like fast food anyway. The book will actually make you think about where your food comes from and how it is made. You will likely seek out alternatives, thank goodness for New Seasons.

Burgerville is going to get an exemption, since their beef is less tainted, the company is 100% wind power (take that Saudis!) and who I am kidding, I can't resist the seasonal milkshakes. In-N-Out also gets an out since they pay their employees well and they are oh so yummy with non-sketch beef.


Brack said...

It appears that Chick-Fil-A demonstrates at least a modicum of social responsibility, so at least you can feel good about wolfing down some waffle fries with Polynesian sauce.*

"A collection jar, set out 50 years ago in Truett Cathy's original Dwarf Grill restaurant to help fund the college expenses of one of his employees, has grown to $20 million with the awarding of the Chick-fil-A chain's 20,000th restaurant employee Leadership Scholarship. . . ."


*Unless, of course, use of the appellation "Polynesian sauce" constitutes an act of cultural theft, oppression and insensitivity. In which case, I hope you choke on your nuggets. Racist.

Tripp said...

I don't know about the cultural theft but my stomach would surely be oppressed by the no doubt pineapple-rich Polynesian sauce.

There was a Chick-fil-A in PDX for awhile but it somehow failed. Very odd , although it could have been the food court location.

Brack said...

Not enough lebensraum in the food court, and I suppose those hardy cossacks at Sbarro were able to beat back the ill-advised Winter offensive.

"Und der Limeade liegt in uns hinein!"

Tripp said...

Hee hee. Sbarro is a wily foe, what with their fans blowing pizza smell across the court.

The food court is an evil place anyway with all the chain poorly made foods. Driving across the country I very rarely found good local food and when I did a drunk guy came and sat at my table. At 7AM.