Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Baking is easy

Or so says Nigella Lawson. I find this claim dubious at best. Sure, any foolio can bake banana bread, but cookies bring tears to my eyes. Every year I try to make some new Christmas cookies and every year the best I get is a tepid response. My worst experience was with the Christmas jewels (note: my recipe was a little different). We put these out at a party and only one was taken. Of course, the one taken had a single bite and was placed back on the plate. Oh, the baking shame. I should have realized that making a cookie that is based on fruit cake would not be a popular move. Anyway, Lawson has three easy baking recipes meant to prepare you for some more challenging items in the future. One of her recipes, the Jumbleberry Grunt, sounds like some kind of outre sex act. Probably best to start there.

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Anonymous said...

I suggest following any recipe recommended by our friend Lileks. It will surely be a visual travesty but the taste may be divine. If the eater can get past the awful visual of the food, he will be well rewarded with delicious taste!