Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sign, sign everywhere the signs

Here is an amusing article that has some actual security posters from Defense Department facilities. These of course make me think of Successories. Who hasn't wanted to go berserker on some of those fucking posters? You can fight back with posters from Despair, Inc. You can see funny ones like Loneliness, Procrastination, Goals, and Ambition. Seriously, I could look at those all day.


Anonymous said...

When I started my new job, the engineering lead on my product had the "Procrastination" poster up in his cube so I instantly knew we'd get along.

Conversely, I actully saw several of the genuine posters in the hallway of one of our customers (government client, adminstration office) where many unhappy looking people were typing away on old computers surrounded by stacks of paper and handmade signs like "clean your own coffee cups - your mother doesn't work here." Ugh.

One of my favorites is this one:

Tripp said...

It'd be fun to map an office with people who have the despair posters and those with the Successories posters. It would map out the corporate climbers and the cool kids.