Monday, October 10, 2005

There's a sequel to the things I've done....

So I finished Woken Furies. It's good, as in really good. For all of you nerd haters out there, and I know there are many, this may be a good bridge into the nerd kingdom. Richard Morgan's world is comprised thusly. Take a hero in the mode of Terence Stamp in the Limey. Take social commentary out of Chinatown. Take noir atmosphere out of Chandler. Take some serious leftist politics. If you can get past the sci-fi elements you have a really good piece of entertainment. Start with Altered Carbon and move forward. If you liked Blade Runner or some of William Gibson's stuff, but thought some more beat downs were required, then you will really like these books.

For all y'all that have already read Altered Carbon, you had best pick up Woken Furies. As you know, Morgan doesn't mind showing his biases. In each of his books, Morgan attacks some element of society. In this one, religion and revolutionary politics come under attack. So everyone can have something to be excited about.

Totally OT, but I'm listening to Elliot Smith's From a Basement on a Hill, and it is great.

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