Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Feed your head

Talk about your stunt drinks! I was looking for info on absinthe for an upcoming bachelor party, you know so we can go all Van Gogh and shit, and I stumbled upon weed vodka. Since it can be imported into the US, you must get nothing out of it, but would you want to? Those buzzes don't go together.


Anonymous said...

is my sense of dis-ease unfounded about the "bachelor party" you are seeking absynthe for?

Brack said...

T, you could start your own line of bionic liquors:

Bourbon + crystal meth
Tequila + Max Alerts
Gin + Robitussin
Ouzo + . . . well, really nothing could make it any worse.

Tripp said...

Your sense is well founded Austin.

Gin+Robo I bet is already a popular drink with the teen set.

Maybe some Scotch + ergot for some really crazy visions and a hangover from hell.