Monday, October 17, 2005

Sarah Silverman

is really fucking funny. I've seen her derided as a hot chick who talks dirty, but hey, so was Liz Phair. I just came back from Jesus is Magic, which had the entire audience convulsing with laughter. Her timing is great, which helps with her often caustic material. She makes lots of ethnic, sex and taboo subject jokes, which may not be everyone's bag. Watch the trailer, if that makes you laugh, you will like the movie. The trailer is work unsafe.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of trailers, may I commend to you Can't wait for the movie. Adam Goldberg is kind of a mystery - loved him as the "sullen nerd who got his ass kicked in Dazed and Confused." I don't think he merits the "underrated" moniker, since I'm guessing he's rated about spot-on.