Sunday, October 23, 2005

Not my kind of rockstar

Here's why New Seasons will not sell the Rockstar energy drink. That's a pretty good reason, although having to look at scary ass billboard on I-84 is reason enough for me. Apparently the drinkers don't like Rockstar either since all the crazy energy drink cocktails are made with RedBull. Boring-as-ever Canada put out a warning that you should never ever ever drink an energy drink with alcohol and in a parternalistic way, fail to say why. Apparently it is because the caffeine and energy can mask your need to pass out, and it is doubly dehydrating leading to brutal hangovers. Here's another tip, don't drink ten shots of Grand Marnier and then smoke a lot of hash. Embrassment is likely, trust me.


Brack said...

Kudos to that store owner, with whom I likely share not a speck of political ground. However, this is just how the marketplace of ideas should work . . . you can say what you want, but you'd better be ready to endure the consequences. Of course, this is a two way street, and just as there is a Keith Olberman for every Bill O'Reilly, what is sauce for Michael Savage is sauce for the likes of Ward Churchill. And when I open my whole foods kiosk, you can bet your ass I'm not stocking any Diet Dr. Farrakhan.

Tripp said...

I hope though that you only allow "The Human Beings" to be played on the store radio.