Monday, October 17, 2005

Portland vegetarian sadness

OK, I love meat, but I live in Portland, which means I spend lots of time with vegetarians. My fave veg place, The Leaf and Bean Cafe, has closed. And it was on the bustling Beaumont-Wilshire block! There were hints (t-shirt in the window) that it might become a pub affiliated with Moose Drool. A good place to drink is one thing the Beaumont Wilshire area needs. True, you can wander down the hill to The Moon & Sixpence, but it's a long walk back. Also, nearly everyone to whom I have recently mentioned the Moon & Sixpence called fie upon its name, so I guess I'm not going there.

I mourn the passing of the Leaf and Bean and its tasty sandwiches. Now I must another place for the veg friends..

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