Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Not very useful comments

I am reading Driving Mr. Albert, which is a random ass book. Apparently, during Einstein's autopsy one Thomas Harvey absconded with the brain of said physicist. The author of this book used this tale as his go-to cocktail party chatter and then later tracked down Harvey. Together they drove the brain to Berkeley. It's not really a road book although you get some weird episodes like a visit to William S Burroughs. We hear a lot about the author's decaying relationship with his wife, but any tension over that is weakened by the book's loving dedication to the same wife and son. Then we get some Einstein history and a teensy bit of physics although the haters on Amazon say the physics is all wrong. Dr. Harvey doesn't say a whole lot and isn't a big part of the story although the controversy surrounding the theft of the brain is frequently mentioned. Based on the amazon reviews, I would say this one works for some people and not for others. It is an expansion of a magazine article and reads as such. Probably worth a library pick up for a diverting if not riveting read. Yes, I realize that was a worthless paragraph, sorry.

I had dinner in Hellsboro this evening, why must it be so far from Portland? I was shocked to see that the Hillsboro New Seasons carries a wide range of Dog Fish Head, while Concordia carries none, at least right now. Thankfully, New Seasons will special order any beer you like, as long as you order a case. They will knock 10% off the price too. Just send em an email. So nice over there.

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