Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'm all out of hope

Saw two Criterion Collection movies, Sanjuro and Eyes Without a Face. Loved Sanjuro, but was bored by Eyes Without A Face.

Sanjuro is a Kurosawa picture starring Toshiro Mifune. People love Beat Takeshi, but I still think that Mifune wins the all time greatest Japanese Bad Ass competition. Watching this movie and Yojimbo, you see where Clint Eastwood got his Man with no Name character. In both, Mifune shows up and helps locals deal with some bad guys. He is violent but doesn't want to be and has to drifts from town to town because of it. He has a sort of laid-back cool like Han Solo, before Lucas made him fire second. Now that guy sucks. Anyway, if you like tales of the oppressed overcoming the wicked and powerful you will like this.

Eyes Without A Face just felt dated. It concerns a doctor who kidnaps young ladies and cuts off their faces, so that he might transplant them on his wounded daughter. OK, so conceptually it's pretty fucked up, but the movie drags. The only exception is the surgical scene which is pretty nasty, and must have freaked people out in 59. This one is only for the film historian types.

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