Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I've got some cookies and here's the plot

A friend sent me a recipe for these likely tasty, but certainly visually appalling cookies. That's right, cookies made to look like cat poop resting in a bed of Grape Nuts, to depict the litter box of course. There is another version that adds coconut or ramen to increase the visual effect. It's obviously a Halloween kid's party treat, but I think I might need an Irish Car Bomb or three to get past my own queasiness.

While I am on tasty treats, today is chocolate cup cake day, so go blow the diet.

I've often noted that the only people the PC will let us mock anymore are poor, undereducated white people. Rednecks, essentially, poor white trash, if you will. I've waxed rather eloquent on the elitism of this behavior. So, um, go click on this video to laugh at a poor, undereducated white woman. I feel less bad because she would probably call me (and most of you) "dark-sided." (via Fazed, where else are you gonna find this crap?)

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Anonymous said...

Go back and play that again, paying close attetion to the woman's teeth.