Monday, October 24, 2005

PDX Bands and bringing your world down in fire

My friend Matt has posted the most exciting PDX Bands podcast yet. Since I and this blog get name checked everyone should download the podcast multiple times. Seriously though, do check out National Eye on the podcast. You should also check out his Pangs blog where he is experimenting with using podcasts to sell more music.

You can also drive yourself crazy with the Silver Shamrock song. Thinking of Halloween I of course think of the Celtic Samhain, which instantly makes me think of Danzig. I stumbled across the official Danzig home page which has a honey of an article up front. This sentence alone should entice you "It is however, Danzig's soul crusher of a calling card, his coal-fired ebony heart made metal, the siren song soundtrack of two age in collision. Confront it now and feel your lifeblood drain and subsequently replenish truer than ever." That's fuckin' POETRY man. Seriously, read it.


Anonymous said...

gimme a fucken break.

i speculate that the author, martin popoff,is 15 years old.
i might've written something equally as gushing once upon a time.
I take it popoff hasn't seen the vid of Glenn getting driz-opped, either.

Tripp said...

Brotherman, you cannot POSSIBLY think I thought Mr. Popoff did a god job, I was mocking the horror of that noise, come on.