Thursday, October 06, 2005

Turning rotgut into something tasty

I was a party earlier this year where someone told me something strange. Apparently, if you filter crappy (the really crappy stuff like Aristocrat) through a Brita filter, you will get something much nicer, as in Grey Goose quality. I couldn't test his claim at this time as he had mixed all the vodka into a nasty pineapple based punch. I thought about it today and found that some folks took the time to test this. In short, if you filter the crappy stuff multiple times it will be as smooth or smoother than any high end vodka. One of the commenters claims the same can be done for bourbon. Equally important, the charcoal filter may reduce hangovers. So if you are short on cash but you have a Brita, then you can still get your buzz on.


Anonymous said...


Was the nasty punch-vodka strained in such a method? Had this guy tried this filtering method himself?

Tripp said...


Just the vodka, then it twas mixed with the punch. Apparently he blind taste tested it with his compadres.