Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fun with the dismal science

Via Marginal Revolution, I found this interesting economics blog. Now, don't run screaming, this fellow is in the Freakonomics, bringing econ thinking to the masses, school. In the link I provided the author examines from an economic perspective, the choice between going to college or immediately beginning a music career. His upcoming book, as described on Marginal Revolution, explores pricing schemes and how consumers fail to respond in their own best interest.

During my recent grad school experience, I found my economics class to be very useful in broadening my analytical tools. Thinking in terms of incentives will often provide different recommendations than thinking in terms of interests. And as the blogs above show, this doesn't just have to be about how to get manufacturers to pollute less or how to eliminate nuclear programs in rogue states. It can also be about how to get your roomate to stop drinking all the beer.

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