Monday, August 28, 2006

Ultramega OK

I watched the remake of Manchurian Candidate last night. I would say that ,unless you are real political thriller junkie, you should give it a pass. Instead go out and rent the Parallax View or Three Days of the Condor. Now those are some political thrillers.

Why not that great? First, it's not different enough from the original. Oh, it has it's twists and turns, but not enough. Second, the script is like a loony left complaint list. Not only do we have a powerful corporation (a barely disguised Carlyle Group) but we get every shibboleth of the fevered dreams of the left too: ineffective media (funny how both the righties and lefties hate the media), touch screen voting controlled by eeeevvviilll corporations, government defense contractors, depleted uranium (one of the biggest jokes of all) and many more. It got a little tedious. SPOILER ALERT, Isn't a major global corporation planning a coup enough? Did you really have to throw in all that additional crap? It read like a little kid getting the radio for ten minutes and trying to say everything he could because it was his only chance.

Now, I finished the movie, and as a lover of political thrillers I was reasonably entertained, but that was due to Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington, both of whom were great. So if you fit the description go it, otherwise rent the first one or one of the dark 70s films mentioned above

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