Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oh the guilt

Portland Food and Drink has a lengthy roundup of Portland doughnut offerings. The author finds Voodoo doughnut to be mostly buzz talk and Krispy Kreme to be too clean and coroporate looking. Coming from the southland I associate K Kreme with slighly shady shops that have really really good glazed donuts. As she notes the non-glazed are a bad idea. She is a little hard on Voodoo I think. If you go to Voodoo , you have to go as over the top as possible. This means you are going to climb the sugar escalation ladder. I like the mango tango, which has "mango" jelly inside, white frosting on the outside and a thick dusting of orange tang. It also has the caloric punch (and nutritional value) of a visit to McDonalds.

And that is my general problem with all donuts. They aren't that good, especially when you consider how many calories they have. Not unlike reading a really trashy book, I think afterwards, now why did I do that? I make an exception for the Bismark/Boston creme donut, which I do in fact love for all of its custardy gooey wonder. Back east these goes by Boston creme while out here in Portland, they tend to be called Bismark. See here to learn about the debate on whether to make the Boston creme the official donut of Massachusetts, as well as other doughnut trivia. This review of PDX doughnut shops reveals the secret of Dunkin Donut's success in the last line of the article.

Sadly, the custard joy of the Bismark is the only custard love in our house. I once made a cherry clafouti, which my wife declared to be one of her least favorite desserts ever. This is too bad as the clafouti is awesome and you should make one right now.


Brack said...

I was under the impression that Bismarcks were filled with whipped cream and Boston Cremes had that yellowy custard. Clearly, I must brush up on my doughnut lore.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, founded in Winston Salem NC in the 30s, is indeed the purveyor of a Southron delicacy. Thank goodness they went with "Doughnuts" instead of "Kakes". But as tasty as the KK glazed may be, spudnuts are even better.

Tripp said...

Out in these parts, you have almost never see boston creme used at all. Perhaps in other locales, the name Bismarck is relegated to whipped cream, the poor second cousin of custard.

Oh man, sput nut looks good, but the closest to my locale is in the Tri-Cities area of W. Washington. Highly unlikely I will be out there any time soon.

Must get to C'ville I guess.

HLK said...

I have images of unshaven Portland hippies, goosestepping in spiked helmets and birkenstocks, on their way to pick up yummy Bismarcks.

Tripp said...

The hippies probably go to get spelt doughnuts. Annie's, where I go for Bismarcks, is mostly old dudes drinking 75 cent coffee and reading the paper.

Voodoo is hipsters and post-show traffic, as the hours are 10PM and on.

Anonymous said...

brack is right-on with spudnuts.
all i've had there is the blueberry cake donuts cuz apparently that was all that was left after the morning rush. but i didn't mind. i stuffed 4 into my head in quick succession then came back the next morning to do it again.

Tripp said...


I suppose I have to swing by C'ville now.

Steve said...

I have to pipe up in defense of Krispy Kreme. A trip to KK with uninitiated is priceless. I've watched perhaps a dozen of my Yankee friends skeptically pick up a Krispy Kreme only to get that "what happened" look from the end of "Kids" after they hoover down four or five in quick succession.