Saturday, August 05, 2006

As a matter of fact, I don't resist at all

Just back from Bend. So much more family friendly than I remember. So very much to do, hiking, kayaking, cycling, star gazing, you name it. With all that activity, you need some refreshment. Sure we hit Deschutes, but we also needed some ice cream. We visited Goody's. It's more of a candy spot than an ice cream place, so they were advertising Chocolate-opoly. I expected all kinds of candy fun. What choc would get Boardwalk? Valrhona? Dagoba? Some hyper-expensive French bar? Which company would know the ignominy of being Baltic? Some drug store brand that sells foil wrapped chocolate in little football shapes? The kind you really shouldn't eat because it sucks, but for some reason you still do?

All these thoughts were for nought, as it they have generic terms for each of the spaces. Towards the bottom we have "Carob- Tiny Little Brown Lies" and "White Chocolate - Why? Dammit, Why?" or something like that. I think the top one is Death By Chocolate or some such, which would be cool if that wasn't a popular dessert name at many a chain restaurant. To compare it to 80s videos, I was hoping to get this, when I got this.

Truth be told, I think Monopoly is a tedious game no matter what you name the properties, so I am not exactly the target.

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