Thursday, August 31, 2006

People are strange

Ladies, are you you trying to get that bookworm's attention, but you just can't seem to make him (or her!) notice. Well get your heart's desire's attention with Paperback Book perfume. Here is the description: Sweet and slightly musty, like an old, dog-earred paperback. Ooo, hold me back! Candy addict has a number of other peculiar choices like caramel and Play-doh (in case your love target has a thing for pre-school teachers.) Check the full list, sadly no Krispy Kreme or Spudnut dougnut option.

(thanks hlk) Did you know there is such a thing as the World Beard Championship? Don't plan on entering next year's competiton at Brighton until you consider the competition which includes:

The crowd favorite and star of the evening was Elmar Weisser of the Swabian Beard Club, who whose hirsute representation of the Brandenburg Gate earned him first place in the freestyle full beard category.

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