Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lots of free magazine articles

Foreign Affairs has a neat looking article on a subtle change in the international system. Called the New Middle Ages, the article argues that in the Third World (and also the developed?), multiple identities are emerging which limit loyalty to single state, but instead are assigned to local leaders, religous leaders, ideological and other leader.

Foreign Affairs and other magazines and journals may be available at your library. If you live in Portland and have a library card (the venn diagram should be 100% here, but sadly is not,) then you have access to Academic Search Premier. Click this link and then select ASP (use the blue icon on the right.) Enter your library card and Pin and you have access to thousands of articles going back to the 20s in some cases. There are a number of other impressive databases for your perusal. If you have access to a large library system or are a alum of a large college/university you likely can get similar services.

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