Thursday, April 13, 2006

Decide to walk with me

So why is Already Dead so awesome? The story is classic noir. Loner guy takes on a mission for some upper crusts, gets into trouble, finds out he is double-crossed and must deal with it. What makes it different is that (nearly) everybody involved is a vampire. What's more, NYC is divided into clans, closely designed to reflect Manhattan's social map. In the North you have the Hood, Midtown is ruled by the Coalition and downtown is a patchwork of rival clans including the Village's which is the lefty utopian crowd that wants to take vampiredom public so that they can be recognized as victims of the Vampire Vyrus. These people are particularly amusing. When our hero goes hunting for zombies (should people learn of zombies they might learn of vampires, so they have to be destroyed) he is scolded to refer to them as VOZ(Victims of Zombification) rather than zombies.

Like Huston's other books, the plot gets more and more intense as it seems more people have it in for our vampire hero. This one is a lot of fun. Check it out.

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