Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It’s not time to make a change

This amusing list of things guys should not do past the age of 30 (I am guilty of just one or two) contains a nice double dis on Ayn Rand.


Anonymous said...

So which ones have you broken? Request extra sprinkles? Whine? Air drum?

Here are a few things I think women should never do past age 30:
- Call her friends "bitch" affectionately
- Use a credit card that her parents pay for
- Say "oh my god," "like," "no WAY" and "know what I mean?" in one sentence
- Wear low-rise jeans that visibly show off thong underwear
- Order strawberry daiquiris unironically

Have any others to suggest?

Brack said...

Although not on this particular list (it may have come from PJ O'Rourke), I must confess to violating the prohibition against tattoos except those received while serving as active duty military in a combat zone.

In my defense, however, I did get the frat tats WELL before I was 30, and - like most nonsensical things done in college - it seemed like a good idea at the time.


Tripp said...

I believe I recently used the forbidden phrase "Peace out" or some such. I have also referred to towns by their area codes.

As for the ladies....
there is pack behavior
wearing low rise pants at any time
Wearing any hot pink or hot orange clothing

Steve said...

Another one for the guys' list: fist taps. I might add "drink absinthe" to the list as well.

Tripp said...

Absinthe would be on the "never do at any age list."