Sunday, April 16, 2006

It's educational

Like finding a band you like, when you find a good children's book author, it's great to dig into an extensive back catalogue. If you like Gail Gibbons, well you are in luck since she has written over 135 non-fiction kids books. If you can't find something you think your kids will like among her oeuvre, you're hurting. Her books can be shorter and easily digested by the little ones, or they can be meatier and better suited for slightly older kids. Mine are big fans of Tell Me Tree, which gives all kinds of helpful info on our friends the trees. Don't worry, it's not all hippie talk, you can also learn about how the mighty road is made. This one on building houses is fun.

Her books often get shunted to the "non-fiction", "basic facts", "early facts" or whatever section of the library. So your best bet is to use the library catalog rather than the hurried scurry across the stacks with one eye on the tots.

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