Wednesday, April 19, 2006

E is for Eggs and R is for....

Via Bookslut I see that Harry Potter is being challenged in a Georgia town. What's interesting is this sentence "“I think the anti-Christian bias — it’s just got to stop,” Mallory said. " By her logic, anything that is isn't y is opposed to y and the existence of which will destroy y. I am mildly sympathetic to the notion that elite American culture is contempuous of religion and religious people, but book banning gets my goat. Just because she doesn't like it, no one gets to read it? Hmmm, not very American in my book. I wager she would enjoy spending time with the God Warrior.

Don't get down on GA though, if you read the whole article, there are plenty of people in town who want to keep Potter on the shelves. The noisy complainers (on the right and left) are just the ones to which people pay attention.

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