Thursday, April 27, 2006

Disappointed a few people

Thanks to the magic of Borders rewards, I picked up Arthur Phillip's The Egyptologist today. I'd been hemming and hawing on this one for (literally) years. Two good book references thought his first novel, Prague, was greatly over-hyped. Then I saw that this one had things that made it attractive, archaeology in Egypt, missing people, crazy narrative tricks which have led it to be compared to Nabakov's Pale Fire (!), yet another book I own but have not read, and a great ending. Still those lackluster views of Prague held me back. With some coupons and gift cards the price was right (although I did forgo buying McEwan's Saturday to get this one, so it may not have been the best choice.) Anyway when I get to it around the time of the next Presidential election, I'll let you know what I think.

I just started Feast For Crows, despite the poor reviews by everyone I know who has read it. The other books in the series were so great, I just have to chance it. One immediately annoying thing is that the book is starting with heretofore tertiary characters. I would make this comparison. Imagine if the second season of the British Office started not with a continuation of David's downward spiral or with the further development of the Dawn/Tim relationship, but instead gave us a few episodes on David's loud and loutish friend. Same writers, same approach but an abrupt shift away from the storylines you want to follow. It's hard not to be annoyed.

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