Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just got back from a dream attack

Woah. Just when I thought it was safe to go back to sleep. Thanks to the story of the norovirus overwhelming a Vancouver retirement home, my own severe GI distress and reading Charlie Huston's Already Dead, I had some crazy fever dreams last night/today. I was dreaming that zombie/vampire hordes were spreading illness across Portland and I had to get away! Not too much fun. A few hours later I dreamed I was working for a new organization here in Portland. This new organization was entirely staffed by people with whom I have worked in the past, but I couldn't remember any of their names.

Already Dead is quite a good tale so far. More on it later, but it is a hardboiled mystery where the main characters are all vampires living underground in modern Manhattan.


Brack said...

Did you dream that you were working at RejoovenEssence, T Spot, and that you had let slip the reins of human progress?

Now go get your Crakebox.

/sips some whisky

Tripp said...

Nope, Atwood is too far in the past at this point, I'm glad I hadn't been reading some of her other books or I might have dreamed I was living under a dictatorship that force fed me food until I vomited.