Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Grow large with food

Tyler Cowen's indispensible Greater DC dining guide is now in blog form. The main advantage is that you can now easily sort by neighborhood or by cuisine. Perhaps you need a bit of Bosnian? Or maybe you want to enter into the great debate over DC BBQ. His best list will make you want to eat immediately, these places sound so good. He's no food snob, while he calls the Inn at Little Washington one of the best in North America, and one of the most expensive, he has high praise for Five Guys, the burger chain where you can fill up for five bucks. I've found his Chinese list to be really helpful as it is none too easy to find the best ones. The list directed me to a great place in a Fairfax strip mall that I would never have found, let alone tried, otherwise.

If you are putting food in your mouth during a DC visit, you have to read this list first.

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