Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor!

These may be available on the DVD, but here is a site with a large number of deleted and production Star Wars scenes. Episode 4 for you super nerds. If it is real the biggest bit for fans is the scene where Luke scurries to Biggs' place and meets his posse. Biggs plays the wise old man to Luke's callow youth. Much of the rest are slight variations of things you have already seen. It's a cliche, but these movies have really lost something since the travesty of the prequels.


Lady Yuki Shizuka said...

Well, I am a Sith supporter myself :P But then I end up cheering for everyone else! Thanks for adding me on your link list :). I'm thinking of starting a comic book summaries blog; what do you think?

Tripp said...

Yes a comic book summaries blog is a fine idea. Comics are a bit pricey so
its good to hear what the good stuff is before you buy.

Lady Yuki Shizuka said...

I'm thinking about doing my own layout, but my html is hopeless :(