Thursday, March 09, 2006

Are you making a mistake with your vagina?

That question came booming out of my wife's grandmother's TV set today. I was dropping something off and saw she was watching the View. It was the intro when they talked about what the show would be about. At one point, an all-caps VAGINA MISTAKES came on the screen. This validates my belief that although guys are supposedly the ones who talk about sex all the time, its the ladies that really do it.


Anonymous said...

What could the vagina mistakes possibly be? Bad bikini waxes? Too much thong underwear? What?

This reminds me of the local evening news when they says things like "Next up, why your sofa might be killing your family" and then you have to wait through the commercials to hear what the hell they are talking about.

Tripp said...

Yes, I fortunately missed out on the mistakes. It was said in that evening news "locals in peril" voice designed to make you stay and watch.

I am not sure my grandmother in law even caught it as she is hard of hearing.