Wednesday, March 22, 2006

DC is a not a beer town

There's a story in the Post about the death of a DC microbrewery. DC as a town is not that great for beer. On the one hand you have piles of students and interns who are drawn to quantity not quality, and the bars are happy to deliver. Then you have the lobbyist/press/politco crowd which appears to like the power bar scene and wants to be shown to the next whiskey bar. Even the most famous pub, the Brickskeller, is a let down. They always seem to be out of whatever I order. I would much rather head out to the Lost Dog in Arlington. The suburbs in general do better, with the one of the best breweries in America operating a pub in Maryland. On the Virginia side, Old Dominion is doing well.


hiikeeba said...

As an infrequent visitor to Virginia, I really like Old Dominion and their brew pub. I hope to visit again soon, but my family keeps moving further from DC every year.

Anonymous said...

not sure if we discussed the B-skeller over the weekend, but i was underwhelmed with it as well.i did manage to find and drink a Lithuanian lager while i was there, which was pretty cool. maybe i should just print up a thousand bottle list for the leafe and then blame the distributors for the lack of stock.

Tripp said...

With the effective use of shrugs and eyerolls you can assign all the blame needed on the distributors, whom the public never sees!

HB2005 should check out the Leafe, esp it's splendid new website.