Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Praise them from whom DVDs flow

Allow me to join the chorus of love for Battlestar Galactica. I'm talking about the new one, not the one that comes in the big Cylon head. The new show is amazingly good. For one, it is really dark. In the original show nearly all of humanity gets zapped but we quickly get to jokes about Starbuck's love life. This one puts the results of the war right in your face. In an allusion to 9/11, the walls of the Galactica are covered in photos of those missing (which is just about everybody.) The show also takes a more interesting look at civil-military relations. The military and civilians push against each other for control of humanity's destiny and in every day decision making, just as you would expect them to do. In the old show, Adama just called the shots, now he takes orders from the President. The space battles are much more interesting as well, with more a more realistic physical model (even if they do have faster than light travel.) This one is good. If you are like me and never commit to a show in the beginning like I should (24, Lost, Sopranos, and so on) pick up the first season DVD, which contains the starter miniseries. It's good times.

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