Monday, March 27, 2006

Croquet lawns, village greens

I've always wanted to write a mystery novel set in the British Empire in Victorian times. In tone and style I would borrow heavily from Alan Furst and James Ellroy. That is to say, lots of darkness in character, society and plot. You would have corruption at high places, characters facing complex moral problems in an atmosphere of great danger and of course, copious beat downs. Content would borrow heavily from Peter Hopkirk, Byron Farwell, and The Man Who Would Be King. Can you just imagine how awesome it would be? In order to maintain the overall feeling of awesomeness, the main character would have to lack certain characteristics. He could not be a divorced, recovering alcoholic with a rough on the edges, but kind and fair girlfriend. He would also not be allowed to have a sociopathic pal who gets him out of his nastiest scrapes. I should get some points for that I think.

Since you are unlikely to see my opus any time soon (if you need to pause to dry your eyes, feel free) you might take a look at some books by Will Thomas. He has two, Some Danger Involved, and To Kingdom Come, both set in Victorian England. From what I have read, the books are sadly lacking in beat downs, but they otherwise look pretty fun.


Steve said...

I have not read them but purchased 2 of David Dickinson's "Francis Powerscourt" mysteries for Laura in December (she has not read them either, recognizing my "gift" as a transparent attempt to turn my ferret-like book hoarding into something altruistic), but they look good.

Here is a link.

Tripp said...

Those look good, yet more to throw on the pile. I too am guilty of synergistic book gift giving. But hey what is wrong with finding a book we all can enjoy? I've certainly read all the Harry Potters I've given Melissa.

Tripp said...