Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rocking in the free world

I went to the Franz Ferdinand/Death Cab show tonight. It's an odd pair and it didn't totally work out. The venue was Portland Memorial Coliseum which is on the smaller end of the arenas. Franz Ferdinand fit in well with lots of Jaggeresque rock posturing and giant riffs. Having Death Cab follow was a mistake, I thought. Death Cab is far more mellow which feels off after a rock heavy show. There were also a few technical difficulties in the set. They were good, but I think FF was better.

It wouldn't be a rock show without some audience antics. In this case, it was the guy who appeared to need to vomit, leaning over, as if to regain balance or reduce stomach acid, every ten minutes or so. This was disconcerting, as I was within the likely splatter radius. I don't mind if my kids pee on me, as happened this morning, but some random dude's stomach contents are beyond the pale.


Brack said...

That was no regurgitator you foolio, that was Steve Albini's "Drinking Bird" move from the Pig Pile vid.


Tripp said...

If it twere Albini, it was a 90 year old Albini with the slow creaky going back and forth. Seriously my clothes were in grave danger.

Anonymous said...

huge fucken kudos, brack. very nice.