Sunday, March 05, 2006

DC noir

I am nearly done with DC Noir and I quite like it. The stories range over the hugely disparate DC experience. One story is about a Chevy Chase socialite looking for a way, ethical or no, to keep her expensive house. Another concerns lobbyists on K street. Many more deal with the choices facing young black people in economic disaster zones. I think my favorite is one by George Pelecanos which concerns an informant trying to game the police and the criminals and finally find a way to impress his father. I also like that the stories aren't all bleak tales. Many are, but some are more light hearted or focused on black humor at least.

My only hesitation in recommending the book is that DC looms so large in the stories that I think a large part of my enjoyment is the fact that they are set in DC and capture the town so well. If you are not familiar or that interested in Washington, I imagine you would be less than thrilled with this book.

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