Monday, March 06, 2006

If mint is six, then scotch is seven

See's has a few dubious candies available for the St. Patrick's Day season. When you first look at Marshmint you might mistake it for the Scotchmallow. Dark chocolate? Check. Marshmallow? You got it. Mint jelly? WHAT?! See's wisely does not sell this one in the stores. In this interview, the (former?) CEO of See's says that the Marshmint is a "lousy piece of candy," but the 16,000 strong Marshmint club keeps ordering them. He also describes how new candies are selected and old ones retired. A must read for Sees-o-philes. The club is rather involved. If you join the club you get this little pin. In order to complete this orgy of Marshmint-related links, I must link to this newsletter for the Marshmint club. It makes reference to the only See's candy that sounds like an STD, the Red Hot Swamp Goo.

The other oddity of the season is the St. Patrick's Day Potato. It's a big lumpy lookin' thing with divinity, white choc and walnuts inside. Pine nut eyes complete the set. I'm not gonna lie, I'd probably like this one. I was all set to talk about the fact that the new See's catalog (get yours here) features recipes including See's candy. I was going to say that putting See's candy into cakes is like putting Maker's Mark into the punch. Why waste the good stuff? Crazy Marshmints are just so much more interesting.

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