Friday, March 10, 2006

Books named after kids

We've tried to find children's books with our kid's names in them. It's a little harder than it sounds. Margaret Willey has a series of books about Clever Beatrice. Simon is a bit luckier with a Salmon for Simon and It's Simple said Simon. Poor Graham has been out of luck, with not a book to his name. Poor lad. All three of those books are quite worth reading if you have someone in the 2-6 year old zone. It would be nice to find some kind of database that linked names to kid's books. Kid's just love to see their own names in books. Some names are harder, with mine I would never hope to see anything. If anyone knows a book with a character named Graham, please let me know.


jo said...

I suppose you've already thought of this - and it's not really a character, but an author of childrens' books... Graeme Base. And he spells it differently. That's the best I can come up with. Sorry.

There must be a book where Graham crackers make an appearance. But maybe that's not what the little guy has in mind. I'm gonna keep my eyes open.

The dad on My So Called Life was named Graham. And one time I met Graham Nash. We talked about chocolate and how white chocolate is for the birds. Oh yeah, my first boyfriend was named Graeme.

I'm out...

Tripp said...

We have a few Graeme Base books and they are good. It's funny he doesn't get all that excited about Graham crackers being GRAHAM crackers, he jut likes to eat them. Keep those eyes peeled.

jo said...

Eyes are peeled.

And, of course, you know about Beezus (née Beatrice) Quimby of Ramona fame?

But hell, I never had any books with characters named Joanna, and look at me? The picture of well-adjustedness.

The closest I ever came to character-identification was with Jo from Facts of Life. Her real name, it was revealed on one episode, was Joanna. And she was mortified that they knew her name was Joanna. Like that wasn't tough or some shit? Whatever, Nancy McKean. Just 'cuz you ride a motorcycle you think you're all bad. I'd have kicked her prep school ass. And then she went and dated Michael J. Fox... sooo tough.

Tripp said...

Re: Beezus. Come on now, we live just down the street from the library with the big Ramona map and the park with the Ramona statue. You can be sure these will be a staple in a few years.

Re: Facts of Life Jo. Did you ever have a snobby adversary later turned best pal? That would be a crazy coincidence.

jo said...

No, but here's a little coincidence:

Just last week I had my first appointment with a new doctor. I really liked her (which is beside the point) but the entire time I was speaking with her and for the next couple of days afterwards, it was really bugging me WHO she reminded me of. I couldn't figure out if it was a friend or a celebrity. And then I finally realized it was BLAIR from FofL. Except for my doctor, thankfully, isn't a born-again Christian like Lisa Welchel.

Tripp said...

Oh man, I hope you don't have a crazy up and down relationship and get into disputes over boys.