Saturday, December 02, 2006

With just a touch of my burning hand

I am a moderate fan of zombie films, so I picked up the new hardcover graphic novel Walking Dead, Book 1. Your interest will be highly correlated to your interest in zombie flicks. I enjoyed it, but didn't love it as much as say, 300. Still it has me thinking of reading World War Z.

The story is what you might imagine. Most of society is gone and our heroes travel the south trying to not die horribly. The initial bit is much like 28 Days Later (I am unsure which came first). Man wakes in a hospital and shit is effed up all over town. He looks for his wife and son, which I assumed was going to be the unifying plot, but as it happens he finds them (hugely improbable, especially when you learn he travels to greater Atlanta to find them.) Anyway, the author said he wanted a zombie movie that never ends and this has that feel. It's is like BSG in a way, the group tears itself apart internally as it wanders the land vastly outnumbered by its foes.

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