Saturday, December 16, 2006

Unwish list

I wish Amazon and Powells had un-wish lists in addition to their wish lists. It would be very handy to list the books that you would never want to read. For me this would include the Mitch Albom oeuvre, the new Hannibal Lecter book, low content ideological books of any stripe, or any of those life knowledge books with cutesy titles about moving cheese.

It's not like I can re-gift them. I certainly wouldn't want to be associated with such books or to make it plain that I think the recipient would like them.


Steve said...

You had me worried for a minute, but after reading your post I'm sure you will love the four Dean Koontz novels that I sent out for Christmas.

Tripp said...

my heart just skipped a beat. A whole category exists for mainstream mystery writers. There are gems of course, but for the most part, it is dreck.