Friday, December 08, 2006


Saw Clerks 2 last night. This one is super niche. First you have to have seen Clerks and then you have to be interested in what is essentially a remake. Well I was interested and I was well rewarded. If you liked the first one, you will like this one. Among the highlights: best ever Silence of the Lambs reference, Star Wars vs. LOTR, Randall surprises Wanda Sykes, and the Transformers kid. It falls apart at the end with some heavy "I love you, man," but that's OK.

Eating out in NYC? Beware. Apparently it's not only the drive-through where they fuck you.

Cool essay on why zombie movies are morally good (okay, maybe neutral) while the new torture chic movies are nihilistic.

John Scalzi interviews Charles Stross about his new book which is a blend of Ian Fleming and HP Lovecraft. An earlier book, Atrocity Archives, is similar. My favorite Lovecraft mash-up is the Office times cosmic madness story Kings of Infinite Space.

Guitar face or O face? hee hee.

Check out this book, described as a horror book set in a Mormon community.

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