Saturday, December 02, 2006

Let her sun never set

I said a mean sort of thing about Britain below, so here are some nice notices. Here is a fascinating sounding novel about London that makes me think of Cloud Atlas. The Amazon blog has a funny bit about the most popular books on including the oh so British sounding Dangerous Book For Boys. We colonials (as a southerner (living in Oregon, but still), I can't bear to call myself a "Yank") can't get our hands on a local copy until next year, but perhaps it will be a big hit.

And at least one British bookstore is AMPED about the new Robert Harris Hannibal book.

We won't be opening at midnight on this occasion, but the Murder One staff will be wearing the notorious mask and liberally dishing out spare body parts (fingers made out of chocolate lest you are worried...), and a "Hannibal Brasserie" is being set up at Waterstone's Piccadilly. Somehow I don't think they'll be short of books to sell, this time around. Bring on the blood, brains and guts, I say...

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