Monday, December 11, 2006

My memory has just been sold

Oh the sadness. Orson Scott Card is pulling his very own Phantom Menace. He is sullying the memory of Ender's Game with his latest. First of all his latest book Empire is a video game tie-in. That in itself is terrible. What's worse the book concerns a Red State vs. Blue State civil war. Now there is no way this can be pulled off without looking stupid, but from the reviews, Card has done his best to make it extra stupid. Card is now one of those advocating civilizational war as seen in this article where he calls for attacks on Iran.

The whole idea of a Civil War in the United State is silly. For one, there are few states that are all blue or all red and those that are have about five people in them. For another, the Federal gov owns a good chunk of the land and most of the usable military power and I suspect any fussing about would get the same treatment the Whiskey Rebellion did. And what about the elites? It's not like the Senate is full of a bunch of John Calhouns advocating for states rights or red state vs. blue state rights. And really, how many people actually care? Sure, people will read their Michael Moore or their Ann Coulter, mutter "there ought to be a law," but even they will just move on.

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