Wednesday, December 20, 2006

If loving these songs is wrong, I don't want to be right

Haters like NBK will dis me. Of this I have no doubt. But I must say the following songs are in fact good.

Marcy Playground - Saint Joe on the Schoolbus. It's not just sex and candy with these guys. It is also a really strange video.

Presidents of the United States - Volcano. The lack of love for this one befuddles me. Such a happy little pop tune with amusing lyrics. Yes, the song, the band and the video are all nerdtastic, but what is wrong with that?

Creed - What's this Life For. Don't spit out your Coke Zero. The song itself is in fact terrible. But rarely has there been a song that is so much fun to mock. Best part of the video is that idea that the members of Creed are some kind of John the Baptists calling the alterna-faithful out into the desert. Apparently if you are full kickin' beater like Scott Stapp it is totally cool to drop a "gotdam".

Veruca Salt - Number One Blind. Yes, yes, yes "Sounds like the Bree-ders,"and all that, but this really is a good song. I swear. The single was backed by an awesome cover of "Bodies," which I can't find on youtube, so here is the Pistols doing it live (in 78.) Pop quiz. In which Pavement video did Veruca Salt appear? Give up? This one. Hey did you know that Pavement was once on Space Ghost? Me neither.

Chevelle - Send the Pain Below. I SO don't want to like this song. It is cheesier than the Hickory Farms food cart. And the dudes in the video are feelin' it too much. But I gotta own up, I like it.

Refreshments - Banditos. More queso, but at least these guys know they are goofs. Only for those who like dumb frat rock songs. Which apparently includes me. In some sense a descendent of the fabled Mexican Radio. Ok, not really, I just wanted to link to Mexican Radio.

That Dog - Never Say Never. No teasing, I love this one. Another victim of the mid to late 90s collapse of alternative. Curse you Fred Durst. Another cool one from the era is Wax's California.

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