Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Full stop

There are some book reviews that communicate all I need to know in a single sentence. SciFi Weekly is one of the better sources for science fiction reviews, and I saw a book called Scar Night got an A-. I got as far as the first third of the first sentence "This debut novel from a writer whose previous notoriety stems from his contributions to the video game Grand Theft Auto inaugurates..."

Thanks, but no thanks.

The same site has a review of a new movie based on Peter Suskind's Perfume. Since that book is almost entirely about smell and a madman obsessed with it, it is very hard to imagine a movie based upon it. I suppose they could bring in Smell-o-Vision or Odorama.


Steve said...

Amusing to check the other reviews and see that only one book received a grade as low as "C". According to that site, all sci-fi is AWESOME, some is just more AWESOME than the rest. Which sounds about right for a site dedicated to science fiction.

Tripp said...

They can actually be harsh, but yeah you have to be at least a little bit wary. Or a lot.