Friday, December 01, 2006

I would go out tonight

Woah. Not sure how I missed this, but back in the day Death Cab covered This Charming Man. Check it here. And here is Modest Mouse covering Slayer (sixth link down.) The Shins covering all sorts of people, but most importantly the Pixies critical Holiday Song (he took his sister from his head and painted her on his sheets - yikes!) .

Big Black fans...don't ever say I'm not your pal. Check this for your very own download of the legendary Sound of Impact. Among the most exciting bits is a live version of the best Big Black song of all time, Crack Up.

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Brack said...

Oh, hell YES! T, you get a couple of head-nods and a goat-throw for this one.

And to think that I once held Sound of Impact in my ignorant, 19 year old hands at the Plan 9 Records in Charlottesville . . . but didn't buy it. The folly of youth.