Thursday, June 29, 2006


There should be a word for the sinking feeling we all sometimes feel on the way to the office in the morning (except for those of us who are smart enough not to work in an office, I suppose). I was having a serious attack of whatever that feeling is called this morning when the usually stolid NPR snapped me right out of it. I was half listening to one of their usual little thirty second musical interludes - the generally forgettable noodling that NPR intersperses between stories, where most radio stations would play ads - when I realized the tune was familiar. Really familiar. It took me a minute to recognize it as a strings arrangement of this song, usually played on a different kind of strings (and with stringy hair flying). A fucking plus, NPR, is all I have to say.

Of course, now all I can think of is double bass drums, which beats the sinking feeling but does not help with the billable hours.


Anonymous said...

I think that was most likely Apocalyptica. I used to have it but I think the thieving Tripp snuck off with it.

Tripp said...

WHAT-EVER dude, I only stole your Starlite Walker.

Steve said...

This was strings, not cellos, but it was certainly inspired by Apocalyptica, whoever did it.

Tripp bears watching, I agree. He took Brack's virtue, as well.

Steve said...

Duh, sorry, I meant "this was violins, not cellos."

Brack said...

I just made the following appoint on my Outlook task list:

Subject: Smiting
Required Attendees: Steve
Completion Date: ASAP

You better sleep with one eye open ...