Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bummer news for bibliophiles

(via Bookstore Tourism Blog) Apparently the Berkeley Telegraph Avenue branch of Cody's is closing. This NPR story has more. It's always sad to see a venerable bookstore go, but this one makes me personally sad as well. I used to live in Oakland, and a trip up to Telegraph to visit Amoeba records, Shakepeare and Co, Moe's and Cody's was a regular occurence. All is not lost, Cody's continues to exist in a new Berkeley location and down in San Francisco. I rather like this person's eulogy for the store.

This is one another famed but now gone bookstore that Steve and I visited together. Another is Ave Victor Hugo in Boston, where I believe Steve found his first Dorothy Dunnett. That may have been Walden Pond Books.


Steve said...

That sucks. I still remember the look of horror on Laura's face when I came out of Cody's with 6 or 7 books after about 15 minutes of browsing.

The NYT article refers to homeless people hanging out on Telegraph. In my (admittedly sporadic) experience, most of the "homeless" were 20-somethings smoking Marlboros and jingling Starbucks cups at you for change.

Damn kids.

lisa_emily said...

It sad when a beloved bookstore like Cody closes, but there'll always be bookstores. People do like talk to each other (most of the time), they like to "cruise", and sometimes just be around others. And what better way to carry on these activities, but in the midst of books?

Steve said...

Well said, Lisa Emily. Dang, now I feel petty. I still resented the begging from people abler-bodied than myself.