Thursday, June 08, 2006

He knows I'd love to hear them

Listening to covers is like seeing famous people naked. I am inexplicably fascinated. Here is an all covers MP3 blog. So it's like a famous naked people site you can look at while in the office. Sort of.

The current link is a pile of "There is a Light and it never goes out covers." Smith fan boys better bring an extra pair of undies.


CG said...

My favorite "Light" cover is actually by Neil Finn with Johnny Marr on lead guitar and Ed O'Brian and Phil Selway from Radiohead on rhythm guiter and drums. Good stuff.

I find covers equally fascinating, and usually only prefer ones where I never really knew/heard the original...the Finn cover of the Smiths being a good exception. :-)

Tripp said...

For me, the song has to be noticeably different. A good example would be the Evan Dando Skulls cover. Totally different!

Or if i hear a cover first, it gets pride of place in my musical conscious. Unfair, but that's how it goes.