Wednesday, June 14, 2006

1980s video nostalgia

NBK and I were just discussing the evident awesomeness of the 80s music scene. Don't believe me? Listen to this:

Duran Duran - New Moon on Monday. No sane person questions the greatness of this song. The only debate is whether it is the best or second best DD song. What's more, you get history from this vid, and the argument that petty communist governments can be overthrown with kites and bottlerockets. Seemed like a joke at the time, but the Velvet Revolution wasn't that different. LeBon is clearly a geopolitical genius who should be put on the bin Laden case immediately.

Adam and the Ants Stand and Deliver. Only a knave doubts the wonders of this one. I hope by posting this I can promote a return to foppish dress and behavior.

Fear I Love Living in the City. I wasn't that much of a hardcore guy, but like all kids trying to be cool, I had the Decline of Western Civilization soundtrack. And I was a little scared by this one.

Megadeth Peace Sells. All the German exchange students loved these guys, but they were all either hippies or headbangers.

Devo - Girl You Want. Seriously ungood video. Seriously great song. I can't tell you how many times my friends could have mockingly sung that chorus in my ears. Thanks for not doing that friends.

Black Flag TV Party. Bet you didn't know there was a video for this one. Check out the youthful Henry Rollins.

Joe Strummer Love Kills. From movie of same name. Gary Oldman is in the video as well, acting like a crazy person. There is a bit of the overproduced 80s rock song to this one, but this is a sadly forgotten Strummer treasure.

Pogues Streams of Whiskey. Ah yes it wouldn't be the 80s without a celebration of sweet, sweet alcohol. Call it demon whiskey if you want, but I call it friend.

There, that should have nicely wasted piles of your time. You're welcome.


CG said...

As a former Durranie (yes, that's what we were called) when I was 13-14, "New Moon..." is indeed a great song AND video. I'm partial to "Is There Something I Should Know?" and "Planet Earth" as far as songs, but when it comes to videos, isn't "Rio" really the quintessential Duran vid?

Dan said...

Without question, Duran Duran's finest moment was when Hungry Like the Wolf was featured in Hot Dog . . . The Movie. It's the equivalent of Stairway to Heaven being on The Godfather soundtrack.

Steve said...

Stand and Deliver may indeed be Adam's best song (although Kings of the Wild Frontier runs it a close second in my book, followed by the entire first side of Friend or Foe - yes, I had the vinyl), but Tripper, please: all mid-80s 12 year olds knew that the Prince Charming garb was only the third coolest of the many weird outfits, trailing the late-Stray-Cats look of Friend and the weird indian/pirate, one man Village People hybrid of the Kings-era.

Tripp said...

Ah yes Hot Dog "Sunny side up, sunny side down, sunny side all over." Sadly the career of Sunny may have peaked with Hot Dog.

Steve your analysis of the Adam Ant garb is excellent, if pitchfork launches a retro brand you might consider a career change.

Is there something I should know? Come on CG, you might as well put the Reflex there. But P Earth is awesome.

Brack said...

Strong work, T Spot.

Oh how I loved that Sid and Nancy soundtrack, esp. that Joe Strummer track, even though most of that post-BAD Clash album of his was dreck. "We are the Claaasshhh. . . " Yeah, right.

Steve: where does the 18th cent. Playgirl cover shot look of "Strip" fall on the hierarchy?